AGR Annual Contest Results in a WIN for Florida Call Center

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Herb Zerden: About

Adoptive father of three girls and a regular donor to foster care services and organizations dedicated to helping children, Herb Zerden has created a legacy of giving to others at the same time he built an impressive record creating and managing businesses. 

Herb Zerden began his 35-year career as an executive and entrepreneur at Leading Dress Shop in Baltimore, where he was responsible for choosing the business location, designing the store, buying stock, and hiring shop personnel. Zerden worked there for 12 years, accumulating experience as its Manager and Buyer. In 1995, Zerden started his first business, Least Cost Routing. With the assistance of his wife as a programmer, he put together a team of sales professionals, developed a working business infrastructure, and started to make a profit from the telecommunications business within 6 months of its launch date. 

Zerden sold Least Cost Routing to a major corporation after a single year of operation, then used the profits from that endeavor to cofound AGR Group. AGR Group is now recognized as an industry leader in energy telemarketing, consultation, and retail, with licensing in 25 states across America. More than 1,200 employees serve at company field offices and call centers in California, Nevada, and Florida. As Chief Financial Officer, Herb Zerden handled sales, regulatory compliance, accounts payable and receivable, data accuracy, and account reconciliation.